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Full House Club


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Full Service Bar

The best Quervo in town..

Great Music
Full House Band on Thursday.8:00-12:00...
Bands every Fri. & Sat.9:00-1:00.......
Jam Session on Sunday.7:00-11:00........


We want to offer everyone a place to go to enjoy themself.Dance,celebrate anniversarys,birthdays or just to have a good time...


Posted on 11/17/01 at 22:29:45 by Lucky LaRue

After over a year of talking about it, my wife and I decided to make the journey to take B String's offer up on visting the Full House Club. I would like to thank B
String, his wife and their courteous staff.
Having logged many hours in bars, clubs and ice houses located in 9 countries and 42 of the 50 states (I refer to this period of my life as my missspent youth) I feel
that I have became, over these years, a critic of taverns.
I give B String's establishment a 5 star rating on a 4 star scale.
I would like to see the FULL HOUSE CLUB become a modern day version known as the "Lucenbauch of Southeast Texas." These guys seem to care about music
and friendship. If that aint American then you missed something.

Thanksgiving is next weekend. I suggest and hope that all of us can place a time and date during the 4 day weekend to meet there in the afternoon on one of those

I would like to go on but I have to find out how my mother is doing......she just finished chemo for breast cancer and is scheduled for surgery this week sometime.
That will have a direct effect on when I can show up.

B String, wife and staff thanks for a warm welcome.